The 10th STATE LEVEL SAKUNGPHAI FESTIVAL cum GENERAL CONFERENCE OF YKA will be held at Bola village under Jampuijala Sub-Division, Sepahijala, Tripura from 10th to 12th January, 2020.

The Sakungphai festival is a post-harvest festival of the Kaipeng. The festival is a symbolic expression of thanksgiving to the Almighty for having blessed and given a bountiful harvest. The festival is the time when the elders in the village discussed and predict the harvest for the coming year and also wish for a good harvest. Literally, the word ‘Sakungphai’ is derived from a plant (a grain). It is a Kaipeng word. This festival is convened by the ‘Young Kaipeng Association’, a Central Committee, Tripura. The festival adds colors and unity among the Kaipeng society. People enjoy this festival for two days with different cultural activities and performances. They show their talent and spirit of festival during the event.

The purpose of such festive function was to create a sense of identity and social solidarity reinforced by the performance of communal rituals, which expressed socials contents, and behavior of a group….. It is thanks giving to the Almighty, creator of the universe who blesses the people through their deities of various crops cultivated in olden days of variegated and sectional one. The Kaipeng have distinct and impressive heritage culture and also have rich custom and tradition. The two days ceremony includes traditional (indigenous) sports and games. Cultural groups perform various types of folk dances from different villages and YKA branches. They perform traditional rituals and cultural competition. The festival is also famous for the Sakungphai Mister and Miss contest in which people show fashionable and traditional attires.

The Kaipeng singers, bands and comedians are also participated. Melodious songs and wonderful dances make the event more interesting. It is observed that Kaipengs are honest and brave people. It is celebrated the festival in the same manner every year to maintain harmony and life identity among Kaipeng. The objective is that the new generation to know about their traditional value by celebrating the ‘Sakungphai’ festival. It is always celebrated the festival with never die spirit. And, on this auspicious occasion award and reward, citation and memento are also given (presentation) to outstanding personalities among the community and others.

The ‘Sakungphai’ festival is celebrated as a post-harvest festival in a modified and modern form. Sakungphai festival is revived in Tripura but without an originally. It, therefore, emerges as a challenges as to how to preserve and sustain the traditional values. All are invited and solicited to attend the said festival which will make our program fabulous. We will be so indebted and hearten for your presence and your anticipation will be highly appreciated.