201 Schools in Tripura on a verge of being shut down

The decision to shut down of 201 schools in Tripura, where in which 158 schools fall under Tripura Tribal Autonomous District Council (TTAADC), those schools where there are only 10 students or lesser in number.

The decision of shutting down schools indeed will result several questions and doubts about the education system in the state and the education atmosphere in the rural areas. It also lays several questions that, why number of students is lesser in government run schools in comparison to private institutions. Despite the poverty level in rural areas being always high yet the parents opt to admit their children(s) in private schools.

What will be the fate of 158 school children’s who are poor depending on government schools for mere education and mid-day meal, what about those mid-day meal cooks and teacher’s, will there be any alternate options?