Agitation withhold and Called off after DM’s Assurance

A total blockade of railway was done by the locality of Rothabil (Chandra Halam para ADC village) starting from 7:00am morning to till evening on 11th of August 2020. In this regards the District Magistrate of North Tripura. A local village leader was called as a mediator from the Ranglong Youth Association President and some office bearers including SDM Panisagar Mrs. L. Darlong where they hold a meeting at DM’s Chamber Dharmanagar.

The villagers were demanding a level-crossing on the railway route that bisected the area and gave the concerned authority an ultimatum to decide on the construction of the level-crossing within August 11 – however, as the authority failed to respond to the demand of the local people, villagers staged rail line blockade in between Piller No 57/6 and 57/7. This area is an accident prone area and a level crossing is essential for safety of people. However, the concerned authority is in favour erecting walls delinking the village from other areas, agitators alleged.

The DM taking note to their demand assured the villagers that he will try to convey to the railway authority and resolve the matter as early as possible. Yet the villagers decided to hold a further deputation on Thursday to DM once again and also agreed the request of DM to withdraw the blockage for the timing but also committed that they will continue the blockage from next week if no steps is been taken and if no action from the railway department within this week.