Mr. Lalfaksanga Pachuau

Vanghmun is inhabited by the Mizo community since the year 1919 A.D. However it is presumed that there had been settlements in Vanghmun area long before the 1900s AD as many artifacts such as earthen utensils, copper ornaments, human skulls and bones kept in the earthen pots were unearthed in many locations. Unfortunately these artifacts were not preserved.

Vanghmun is used to be known as Raja Bahadur Dokhuma Sailo village since he is the Village Chief at the start of inhabitation. His title ‘Raja Bahadur’ is given to him by the Maharaja of Tripura due to his wise ruling over his subjects and also good relation with the Maharaja himself. In 1905, the Maharaja gave him the title ‘Raja’ and inn the month of April, Year 1922 Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya Bahadur has given him the Title ‘Bahadur’

Photo: Malsawmhlua Ralte

Vanghmun is the headquarter of Jampui Hill R.D Block. There are number of Government Offices such as R.D Block Office, Deputy Collector and Magistrate Office, Sub-Zonal Development Office, Tehsil Office, PWD SDO Office, Police Station, Post Office, Electricity Department Office, ICDS office etc.. Besides these, UBI Bank and Tripura Gramin Bank have their branches functioning at Vanghmun. There are 2 School at Vanghmun viz ST.Thomas English Medium School (upto class X standard) and Vanghmun High School which is under State Government.

Photo: Malsawmhlua Ralte

The inhabitants are Mizo and the local language is also Mizo. Most elderly persons can speak Bengali while the younger generations are well conversant in English. As per the village census done by the Young Mizo Association (local Voluntary Organization) in 2011, there are 402 houses with over 2000 population.

In the history of Vanghmun, two important event occurred. One is Crash landing of American Fighter Plane on 14th November, 1944 where the pilot and co pilot were rescued by the then Vanghmun Youths.

The second event is the attack on Indian Military Camp (Provincial Armed Corps) by the Mizo National Army during the Mizo unrest on 1st November, 1967, who entered Vanghmun through Mizoram (the then Lushai Hills). Due to this incident, three youths of Vanghmun Village were also arrested being accused of helping the undergrounds.

Photographer: Tv. Malsawmhlua Ralte