A book recognising Chakma as 2nd language in Tripura, raise outraged

A social studies book for class three recognises Chakma as the second language of Tripura instead of Kokborok, have risen a strong outraged on social media, condemning the author and the publisher for their ill intention of hurting the sentiment of the native people. In one of the chapter under state serial number 20 it is said that Tripura – its capital is Agartala. It shares boundaries with Bangladesh . Bangla and Chakma are the languages spoken here.

The book Authored by R.N Yadav and Published by Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd.

To remind – Kokborok language is recognised under the Tripura official language Act No.5, 1964.

Also to inform that Kokborok is one of the state languages of Tripura notified on January 19, 1979. The TTAADC has declared the  Kokborok as official language of TTAADC on April 20, 1999. The Kokborok is now comprising 17 nos  Language Code among the 47 Language Code in India according to the 6th All India Educational Survey.

It is confusing to whether the author really know about the history of Tripura or was he writing the book from his bedroom and collecting thesis from unknown sources. This indeed is a gross negligence and outrageous against the native people of Tripura.