In a shocking news a Tiprasa lady became another victim of fraudsters, the man by name Abhishek Monbdal gave a call to Rakhi (Generic name) and informed her that she won a lottery from Flipkart and to avail that prize she need to deposit some amount of money to the particular account. Rakhi somewhat got convinced by their words as per their conversation over the call and so she first deposited the amount of Rs.4,600 on date 11/10/2018, the next day she again deposited Rs.6,500 and another day she deposited Rs.7,300 and on date 12/10/2018 she again deposited Rs.13,800 in the account of Suman Saraswat – A/C no: 34991792517.

On date 12/10/2018 Rakhi again deposited Rs.18,300 and Rs.18,400 consecutively on the same day in the account of Jeevan Kumar Singh – A/C no: 37944348510 likewise she kept on depositing the amount in various account holders name until she realize that she was indeed cheated by them. Totally she deposited to their account of Rs.132,150 (One Lakh Thirty Two Thousand One Hundred Fifty Rupees).

After few days again they called her up to deposit of Rs.11, 800 if she wants to withdraw the full amount but Rakhi refused to do so. Rakhi warned them that if she didn’t get her money back she will inform the Police regarding this but nothing works. Later, Rakhi filed an FIR at Agartala West PS and the case is registered under relevant IPC section of Fraud and cheating.

There are five account names under whose account Rakhi have deposited the amount.
1. Suman Saraswat
2. Jeevan Kumar Singh
3. Kilaru Hanumant
4. Hamidan Bibi
5. Kundan Kumar Thakur

Their various contact details are:
+91-7294820291/ +91-7323810788/ +91-829813 2029/ +91-7488728611
Tripura Police could not assure me much about the possibility of getting back my money but tried helping me with all the ways possible, said Rakhi.

“Don’t facilitate any phone calls and messages especially from people who offers you lottery”
Stay safe and save yourself before someone cheats you.