A girl by name Mariya Debbarma of age 22 from Mandwi (5/716), West Tripura eloped with a Muslim boy name Baharul Islam Mazumder of age 19 years old on December 2018 to Hailakandi, Assam.

Prior to that the man used to work in Mandwi village, West Tripura as a construction worker and it is when the duo came to know each other and shared her mobile number to him. Then after they both fell in love, later the man told her that his mother and sister want to see her so pleaded her to go to his house and assured her that I will return you back to your home told Baharul Islam Mazumder to Mariya. She than agreed to go with him to Hailakandi however, the story changed after reaching there.

It is alleged that Mariya was forcefully made to get married with him in Islamic tradition and even changed her name to Fatehma Begum Mazumder in a Court marriage at Hailakandi Family Court. After few months of marriage, the husband went to Bangalore for work, Mariya was often tortured and she was kept in a room where she is not allowed to go out anywhere.

Mariya was fed with only one meal a day, she often starves and sleep with no food on her stomach.

Mariya is pregnant at present, she luckily managed to escape from the house when no one were present at home to file a Police complain at Hailakandi Police Station.

Mariya was helped by few people from Tripura who are residing at Hailakandi and she is given all the necessary requirement for time being. Rengzol News speaking with one of the persons helping her informed us that her condition is very bad, she has no money to come home and he said that they are scared that she will be hunted down by her husband relatives and are seeking help from Tripura.