Rajkumari Pragya Debbarma with her brother Pradyot Debbarman the TPCC President and various other leaders were on a campaign at Tulasikok Para for Tripura East constituency where the election date falls on 23rd of April 2019 instead of 18th April 2019 due to some security reason.

While on their process of campaigning suddenly few goons from nowhere came and pelted stones aiming at Rajkumari Pragya Debbarma but could escaped unhurt.

The man recognized as Mintu Debbarma of age 30, Son of Amulya Debbarma of village Behlabari, PS: Champahawar. He was caught red handed holding brick on his hand and was arrested by Tripura Police and taken into custody.

H.H Pradyot Debbarma visited the Police Station to file an FIR, meanwhile as he was so annoyed by the incident which took place so, in anger gave the man one slap who was arrested red handed.

However, the situation got twisted by few media house like tripuranewslive.com who wrote as “Tripura Congress President Pradyot Kishore Debbarman, see how he is threatening inside Police Station.”

Screenshot taken from Facebook

At a same time 95% of the public have supported H.H Pradyot Debbarma saying, “as a brother he has the right and duty to protect his sister from any situation” however, on the same day of the incident the government of Tripura has filed a case against H.H Pradyot Debbarma on various IPC section like Section 447, 323, 352, and 506.

Facebook statement of the H.H Pradyot Debbarma

There are also many questions raised by the people on how the CCTV Footage of Tripura Police which was captured in the Police station was shared with ANI News.