Impact of COVID-19 in Society is bitter and painful: A. Debbarma

This COVID-19 has impacted many lives, taught many lessons; saw many ups and downs among sections of society. People have faced many problems that are hard to imagine. There are people who died while traveling by foot, there are also people who gave birth on the road, on the running train, there are also people who had gone/ went for treatment in big cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore some lucky ones survive while others died there without meeting their families back at home, some are still there thinking that when my son would return from their workplace while others are waiting for their parents to come home.

Some people take risks and say it’s better to die at home instead of dying here in the strangers’ land thinking that at least my parents could see my dead body and perform my last funeral rites along with family members. There are many more instances that are unknown to the world. One who experiences such a situation only he/or she can narrate his/her story.

Corona has taught us many lessons that are unexpected and undeserved yet it failed to melt the stubborn heart at the receiving end. It turned a son, daughters, and friends into a stranger in his own family in particular and in society in general. There are people who walk miles to meet his/ her family, in the end, he who travels thinking that he would receive a warm welcome but on the contrary he/she is considered a stranger to everyone even to his son or a daughter. People from north-eastern states sometimes referred to as CORONA by their facial features. This new symbolic and subjective term one perceives it as derogatory connotation.

In recent news around 300 nurses from Manipur state working in West Bengal have to leave their job and return to their native places. They are termed as ‘CORONA’ faced with multiple discrimination they are bound to resign from the job (Source: INSIDE NE, May 20, 2020). This Corona has no color, race, and religion, caste, rich, and poor. Overall it leads to “Social Discrimination”, “Marginalization” etc.