We have become Refugees in our own land and it hurts me that we are in this condition because we are not united . The situation of My BRU/Reang people is grave and I have already sent 1500 kilos of Rice, Dal and other food items as an emergency for them for the last two days and today more food items will be reaching them . I also urge others to help our people in this time of crisis.

Today I would like to formally like to state that if India can accept lakhs of people from Bangladesh through CAB then why can’t we Tiprasa people accommodate and accept our Reang/Bru people in Tripura from Mizoram? Many of them were displaced during the Dumbur Dam fiasco and migrated to present day Mizoram as well .

If the Govt can consider giving 2700 acres of land for BSF firing Range then why not land for our displaced people ? Time has come for us to speak out and i want our Bru/Reang people to get land in our state of Tripura . “Enough is enough” – Maharaja Pradyot Debbarma