• Brain drain with no jobs are pushing them under compulsion to cities, many NE bpos, spas, sale girls tell me their pathetic helpless condition back home.
  • Many petty north east employees in Delhi told me who would like to be roasted in 40 % plus hot temperature in cities, who would like to stay away from their homes, their loved ones, haunted by many traumatic every day struggles from suspicious landlords, higher charges of autos, taxis, called as foreigners, to many taunting in work places, too many non payments of salary, no food of our choices, sky rocketing prices of daily commodities, meager salary hardly enough for survival, if fallen sick, you are left alone forelonely.
  • It always haunt me when one of full blown infected HIV AIDS north east female while departing from Delhi told me while coughing that she had dream when she landed at Delhi 7 years back….her dream buried forever ….today she is happy at least, she will back to her village in her last days of her life on earth…
  • What I am sharing sometime is only tips of iceberg …..
    Still thousands north east youth are rushing every month to cities in their dream of making big …….
    It goes on …and on….

Robin Hibu IPS