A photos of two different incidents were shared by few people and it has gone viral on social media. We Rengzol News team would like to make clear understanding of the two different incidents which has gone viral.

INCIDENT – 1 (Kumarghat, Tripura):

The incident took place at Kumarghat Holy Cross Hostel where a class -IX student by name Happy Debbarma was beaten on his chest by his warden on 25th September 2019 as alleged and later because of which he accidentally succumbed to his death. The news was reported on 6th October 2019 at Chini Khorang Facebook official page on the same issue. The Link is given below:

Happy Debbarma in the Hospital before his death

INCIDENT – 2 (Thenzawl ,Mizoram): 

The other incident which took place on September 26 at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) Hostel at Thenzawl in Serchhip District, Mizoram, the victim has been identified as Nolin Bikash Chakma, a student of Class XII. Reported by The Northeast Today. The link is given below:

Nolin Bikash Chakma

Here both the news are genuine and true but both the news are from different locations and they have different stories. However few people have mixed it up to make the news more burning which may lead to many dangerous consequences. It is very easy to manipulate things rather than sharing the actual fact.

Below pictures are the screenshots taken from various up-loaders:

We condemn both the incidents and seek strict action against the offenders. We pray for the departed soul of Late Happy Debbarma and pray for the early recovery of Nolin Bikash Chakma.

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