Molester Tapubrata Shib of Don Bosco School, Udaipur - Tripura

A helpless Tiprasa woman was molested inside a moving vehicle by Tapabrata Shib, a Teacher of Udaipur Don Bosco School. The incident took place at late night on 27th January 2020; meanwhile the matter had been informed to the school authority followed by lodging a complaint at Udaipur Women Police Station. As per local input, a class-II student of Udaipur Don Bosco School met with an accident when playing at leisure period in the school ground. Accordingly, the mother was called by the school authority to take the boy to home, but after seeing the critical condition of the boy, the school authority decided to send the child and his mother at Gomati District Hospital, Udaipur under the guidance of Tapabrata Shib. The child was advised to go through some test including CT scan, but the mother was informed that CT scan test could not be done at that moment due to technical error of the said machine. The child was vomiting continuously and the condition of the child was deteriorating. The bereaved mother was asked to take her son to GB Hospital for better treatment by the District Hospital authority, and then she informed her father (grandfather of the child) over the phone.

The boy grandfather came to Bagma Chowmuhani and waited for the vehicle to be hired by the boy mother for taking the sick child to GB Hospital. And then Tapabrata Shib, a Teacher of Don Bosco School had again extended his arm for help towards the helpless mother with his hidden ill intention. He called his accomplice to bring a vehicle at District Hospital. Accordingly, the sick child and his mother started movin g for GB Hospital from Gomati District Hospital and the grandfather of the child was picked up from Bagma Chowmuhani. The boy got some treatment as well as went through some test at GB Hospital. Later, the mother was informed about the condition of her son by molester Tapabrata Shib. The sex predator that is Tapabrata Shib, a teacher of Don Bosco School then told the parents that nothing serious had happened to the child and hence, doctor had advised them to return their home although the child was vomiting. Finding no alternative, the innocent parents had agreed to return their home since they were convinced by molester Tapabrata Shib that the condition of the child will gradually be better and fully recovered within 24 hours. The sex predator had then found his easy prey and started molesting her in the moving vehicle in front of the boy grandfather as well as in front of her sick child and continued molesting till they reached at Udaipur.

This is not the lone allegation against Tapabrata Shib. Tapabrata Shib, a characterless teacher was recently caught red handed with one married woman while having unwanted scene at a rented house nearby Don Bosco School.  Now, the husband of the woman also decided to take the matter with the school authority to protect his family. The list of allegation against Tapabrata Shib, a characterless teacher is unending. Hearing the news the school guardians felt uncomfortable and insecure about their child safety especially the school girls, it is so unwanted that how can a reputed school teacher possess such ill character. There are thousands of questions arises as to what might have he done to other girls during other days if he can do to a mother in-front of her son and the woman’s father. Has the school authority does no any background verification before the hiring or before giving any appoint letter.

After the incident sparked the locality the molester hid himself somewhere at unknown place and the police are still in search of him. The molester Tapabrata Shib is from Dhajanagar, Udaipur near N.S Mahavidhyalaya.  

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