On 16th January 2019 a marriage ceremony was held at Harepkuar (Baramaidan), Khowai.
The newlywed couple name is Mr. Swmai Debbarma and Miss Nadia Debbarma, on the marriage party the bride parents invited United Tiprasa Forum to attend the party.
On receiving the invitation UTF team decided to attend the party and make it their present felt and bless the newly married couple.

The bride parents Mr. Sankar Debbarma and Mrs. Ranimala Debbarma felt very grateful that UTF team attended the marriage party. At a same time they felt very touched after knowing the performance of UTF that UTF is doing its best for the betterment of Tiprasa poor people so, Mr. & Mrs. Debbarma of bride parents decided to donate as a charity some good amount of money to UTF in order that UTF can do more good works for the poor people in the society.

On receiving the donation Secretary of UTF Mr. Sajal Debbarma said, it’s a great honor for United Tiprasa Forum that we are recognized because of our dedication for our Tiprasa Society.
We the UTF members express our gratitude to your family and admire yours commitment for the betterment of our society, and we like to appeal to every individuals kindly take this moment to appreciate them for inspiring others family and also to come forward in more numbers and practice this gracious habit of donation so that we can see a bit of good changes in our society said, Mr. Sajal Debbarma – Sec. UTF.