A school boy failed his matriculation final exam due to over addiction to a online game called PUB-G. He never listen or obeyed to his parents, he will play the whole night and sleep during the day hours.

He use to become rude when his demands are not fulfilled, he was not satisfied with his simple android phone to play so, forced his mother to buy costlier phone. On this period it was just a week before his final exam but nothing bothered him and that let him to fail his exam.

His addiction is still going on, he forced his parents to buy high end LCD TV of 32 to 40 inch so that he can play PUB-G over there.

Seeing all these nonsense activities his father who is a PWD Group-D employee became mentally depressed, he did not go to duty neither stays at home and only comes in the evening from nowhere. His staffs mate visited his house and requested him to join his office but he never show up.

It is a pure mental depression seeing his son nonsense activities, he now became like a mad man, very forgetful, he says yes to anything but forgets things after few minutes.

Some people may still justify it but remember how parents go under extreme pain and mental pressure, misuse of parents love is the biggest sin a child can commit.