Riam’s of Tripura extend solidarity to Kuki brothers and sisters of Chassad

Kuki women's were weeping on seeing their village is completely burn down to ashes

PRESS COMMUNIQUE TRIPURA: The Riam (Ranglong, Bongcher, Darlong, Molsom, Hrangkhawl, Sakachep and Kaipeng) tribes of Tripura and Assam would like to express its strong despondency on the recent anti-social elements that occurred on 16th March 2020, at Chassad (Chahsad) Village of Khamjong District (Previously Ukhrul Revenue District) Manipur.

The magnitude of viciousness that those miscreants have exposed by setting fire the homes and shelters of innocent families in broad daylight deserved severe rebuke in a strongest term. We urge every sections of the society to condemn the unfortunate incident, that it is not repeated in future.

We would like to make an appeal to the incumbent government to take quick action for the safety and security of the localities. Necessary arrangement must be made for permanent resettlement of all the homeless victims at the earliest with due compensation as per the existing provisions of the government. The miscreants must also be brought before law so that justice prevails, and the entire onus lies in the hands of state administration in this regard.

The Riams of Tripura and Assam makes an earnest request to the community leaders of that locality from across organisations to come forward and take the role of an agent in the amicable solution of the perturbed incident.

We fully extend solidarity to all our innocent Kuki (Thadou) brothers and sisters who are passing through difficult times and assure cooperation in whatever small way we can deliver.