On 11th December 2019 the most controversial bill that guarantees the Hindus, sikh, Parsi, Jain and Christians to become the permanent citizens of India despite uproar protest in upper house by the opposition parties. The bill was passed with the total vote of 125 in favour of the bill and only 105 voted against the bill.

The Royal Scion H.H Pradyot Debbarman is going to challenge the CAB bill in the supreme court as per the “Instrument of Accession” signed between the then Maharani Kanchan Prabha Devi and the Governor General of India Loius Mountbatten on 13th August 1947.

Tripura government ally the IPFT party met with the H.H Pradyot Debbarman at New Delhi to discuss about the CAB and together approach the supreme court to challenge the controversial bill.

IPFT delegates with the Royal Scion at Delhi

Since 9th of December to till 11th of December there was a huge strikes and protest across the Northeastern states of India and the most affecting states are Tripura and Assam. There was curfew everywhere in Assam and 48hrs of internet banned in Tripura. As per the ground report many of the indigenous protesters were attacked by the non-indigenous groups of people with sharp weapons and sticks. The police and the arm force seem to be helpless.

Injured youth at Manughat admitted in the Hospital

In Tripura the situation is still in tense, as per the reliable source it is reported that in Ambassa there was a huge clash between protesters and the Bengalis, where few of the Bengalis used some liquid acid and threw at the protesters and in the protest many were injured from both the sides.