Rs.40k donated to Breast Cancer Patient by Young Kaipeng Association – YKA

Ahotham Kaipeng a Breast Cancer Patient

On behalf of Central Young Kaipeng Association (CYKA) president Mr. Lalnunzira Kaipeng and General secretary Mr. Lalremruata Kaipeng had thanked to Dhanlekha YKA Branch, Sirduk YKA branch, Lokhidon YKA branch, Sontang YKA branch and Nupangrumva YKA branch for giving donations to Mrs. Ahotham Kaipeng a breast cancer patient from Dhanlekha village, she have been suffering from this disease from pass three years now.

Total Rs.40,000 and 300kg of rice was also donated to the family. Currently the patient is lying at home untreated due to lock down, it is informed that once the lock down is over her treatment will resume. However, it is uncertain to know that her family background is very harsh condition.

Her husband is in Chennai working as security guard unable to come to village and visit his ailing wife. Family consist of wife, husband, two daughters and one son, their native village is Dhanlekha under Taidu Gau Sabha.