Image courtesy: Swrangchati

In a Press Meet with all regional parties TPF supremo PK Jamatia said, we have endured so much with illegal refugees coming from Bangladesh for so many years but now we can’t bear it anymore. PM Modi loves them so much so, let him keep them in his state Gujarat and distribute them in various other states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajesthan, Madhya Pradesh etc.

Rahul Gandhi also can keep them in his state but we can’t keep them here anymore in Tripura. It is a ruckus for us in our state.

It will be wise on humanitarian ground by not sending back the illegal Bangladeshi Refugees but distributes them in various mainland Indian states, said P.K Jamatia.

The whole Northeastern states of India is disturbed by the bill and even have shown strong protest in all the seven sisters states. But the central Modi government with Home Minister Amit Shah is busy trying to pass the bill. The NESO which is the most powerful house of the Northeast students organisation said, Northeast is not a dumping ground for illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

On the ongoing Parliamentary winter session, Citizenship Ammendment Bill is also part of the main agenda.