The Darlong Choir among 24 languages from 24 states sang Lead Kindly Light on 74th I-Day

The Darlong Choir Group for "Sing for India"

Over 200 singers from 24 States rendered the hymn “Lead Kindly Light” in 24 languages for “Sing for India” The hymn written in 1833 by John Henry Newman as a poem titled “the Pillar of the Cloud”, which was first published in the British Magazine in 1834, and republished in Lyra Apostolica in 1836.

“Lead Kindly Light” is a prayer song relevant to current situation as the world is “amid encircling gloom”.  Through the darkness the “Light” leads, encourages, the people of our Nation to face the crisis and the hope, to take one step at a time. Lead Kindly Light is also the motto for many institutions. The hymn was also a favourite of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Darlong Choir is one among the 24 languages from over 24 states in India representing Tripura state for the cause of HOPE through Hymns.

Sing for India is the project for the concerns of rising cases across the nation felt the one thing that most people wanted is HOPE. What best hope other than a message shared in music?  The prayer hymn “Lead Kindly Light” is the most apt in meaning, hope and music.

Classic Hymns along with Indian Christian Association (ICA) and Good Governance Forum (GGF) has enabled the “Sing for India” project as the Nation just celebrated the 74th Independence Day.

It is very much blessed for the state of Tripura that the Darlong Choir was chosen to represent the state and sing a beautiful and meaningful hymn of hope during this crisis. The names of the choir group are Choir name Male: 1.Thanliana Darlong 2. Lalroiruata Darlong 3. Charlie Lalnunpuia Darlong 4. Carrie  Darlong and Female: 1. Lalrinmawii Darlong 2. Genevie Salomi Darlong 3. Glory Darlong 4. Hanna Darlong

Translator of the hymn stanza is Mr. Thanliana Darlong and the translated Darlong version is given below:

  • Eng nun innêm, i zingin ane bawm Ni kaihruai ro-
  • Zân chu a zing- inn hla   fêkan ke om Ni kaihruai ro-                  
  • Ki phei vêngin, thlir rêt nang ki hni naw
  • Roiboi antawk- kaka chai hom changsia

The Darlong Choir Director is Mr. Lalroiruata Darlong (Former Kuki Idol)

We wish Darlong Choir group to excel more ahead and bring laurels to our state, it is very much heart-warming moment for us indeed for making us proud to all the Hriam tribes of Tripura and giving us hope through the hymns.