The Ranglongs Celebrate Silver Jubilee of RYA

Short summary about the Ranglong tribe:Ranglong is a small tribe under Riam community, populating only 10007. Despite of dwelling in a compact area, they have been separated into three administrative states (Assam, Tripura and Mizoram) due to amalgamation and delimitation.

As a result this small tribe is being made microscopic minority and merged them with other communities. RYA is the only umbrella that brings together all Ranglongs of all states.

The jubilee stone will be unveiled by the president on 19th at 10:30 AM at its headquarters, Noagang, North Tripura. There will be grand community feast in which atleast 25 items of dishes will be served.

The size of the Jubilee pendal is 107 ft (Length) and 54 ft (Breath) with digital screen and all sides camera including drawn.

Program venue