The Royal Scion has opened Online Donation Bank Account to help the poor

The Royal scion Pradyot Debbarma founder and Chairman of Tripura Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance, known as TIPRA in short. He and the team have been helping people not only in the state of Tripura but also people stranded outside Tripura. He has donated also more 50,000 Taka to Indigenous people of Bangladesh.

“Hello Friends I am requesting all of you if you would like to contribute to our organisation THE INDIGENOUS PROGRESSIVE REGIONAL ALLIANCE (T.I.P.R.A) towards helping our people in our efforts in combating the problems which have arisen after the CoronaVirus pandemic in Tripura and across the country .I would be grateful if you stepped up and helped us . All contributions will accepted be ONLY by cheque or online transfer (NO CASH PLEASE )and I will be making these donations transparent by sharing the details of the contributors on Facebook page and later on our website.( If someone wants to be anonymous in their contribution then please inform us from before ) . We will not accept any donation from any Religious and political organisation or any such organisation which has any such links in cash or cheque. United we stand #Thancha #TIPRA
Pradyot Manikya ”
said H.H Pradyot Debbarma

Bank Name: Bank of Baroda
Ac Name – The Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance
Ac No – 57380100001698
IFSC BARB0RAMAGA, Ramnagar Branch