Rengzol News File picture - Jitendra Choudhury

Former Minister of Parliament Mr. Jitendra Choudhury asserted that two of the MDC one from CPIM (M) party and the second one from other party together went to submit the resignation letter to the Governor by including forge signature of rest thirteen executive members.  He said that rest thirteen Executive Members never signed the document and they too have strongly opposed it, it is nothing but the plot made by the BJP party to destroy and change current ADC executive members, said Mr. Choudhury.

Mr. Choudhury totally denied that those thirteen executive members whose signature was seen on paper were never signed by them but it is a forgery signature; it is a clear conspiracy of the BJP party to destroy and disturb the ADC executive members by luring them with money and power.

After hearing the news of their signature, those thirteen executive members got very annoyed and today (22nd October 2019) those thirteen executive members will come out in public to deny and protest the forge signature done in their names and to condemn the conspiracy made by the BJP party, he requested people to not worry and get panic over this conspiracy, we are working hard to strengthen the ADC, said Mr. Choudhury in his Live Video on Facebook.