Three RD Blocks Declared as Containment Zone in Tripura

First ever containment zone declared in the state of Tripura.

Three Blocks of Kathalia RD Block, Nalchar RD Block and Boxanagar RD Block were declared as containment zones with effective from midnight of 14th June 2020.

WHAT IS CONTAINMENT ZONE: According to the Health Ministry, a containment zone refers to a specific geographical area where positive cases of coronavirus are found. Strict movement restrictions are put in place in such areas to prevent further spread of the virus.

These zones are created to map the local transmission of the disease and prevent the contagion from spreading. They are identified by by the Rapid Response Team (RRT) based on the extent of cases listed and mapped by them.

Every confirmed case has to be considered as an epicentre and micro-plan activities will need to be done, according to the ministry.

Identification of containment zone and restrictions imposed

The perimeters of the containment zone are decided based on the number of positive cases in the area, contact tracing history and population density.

The RRT demarcates the area of 3-kilometre radius around the epicentre (the residence of the positive case or where he has been isolated) in case contact listing and mapping takes more than 24 hours. This area of 3 km radius is the containment zone.

If required, based on the mapping of contacts and cases, the containment zone is refined, the release issued by the health ministry read.

“The perimeter control will ensure that there is no unchecked outward movement of population from the containment zone except for maintaining essential services (including medical emergencies) and government business continuity. Thermal screening, IEC shall be carried out at all entry and exit points,” read the ministry’s press release.

“All vehicular movement, movement of public transport and personnel movement will be stopped. All roads including rural roads connecting the containment zone will be guarded by Police. For personnel and vehicles requiring regular movement, a pass/ID card may be issued with details recorded and communicated,” it added.