Dear Rengzol News viewers and readers please be informed and be careful with this profiles in the given below. It has come to our notice that these same people have looted many by saying themselves that they are in Indian Army. They keep changing their names but with same ID Cards, they will act that they are willing to sell their cars and bikes due to various reasons.

Those cars and bikes what they saw you in the pictures may not be theirs, they might have taken the pictures randomly on the roads side of others and fooled you with that and those man in the picture who they say it is their photos may not be them.

They will try to sell you in cheap price, suppose a bike cost is ₹1,10,000 they will sell you with ₹60,000 and will ask you to deposit as soon as possible by telling you that this bike is on high demand. They will withdraw the amount the moment you deposit and later they will either stop responding you or keep on giving you bogus excuses.