Khohui is a day of festivity, it is related to merry making, entertainment, eating of choicest food, singing, dancing and playing of traditional games etc.

The festival adds colors and unity among the Ranglong community/tribe. People enjoy this festival for three days with different cultural and traditional activities and performances. They show their talent and spirit of festival during this event. These three days includes traditional (indigenous) sports and games, cultural dance competitions, folk-lore competition, traditional kitchen/food competition etc. Cultural groups perform various types of folk dances from different villages. They perform traditional and cultural competition. The festival is also famous for the Ranglong Khohui Mister and Miss contest in which people show fashionable and traditional attires. Singers, bands and comedians from the community also participated. Melodious songs performed by artists and wonderful dances by the cultural team from the community make the event more interesting.

The festival is celebrated in the same manner every year to maintain peace, harmony and unity among the Ranglong. The objective is that the new generation to know about their traditional value by celebrating this festival. On this auspicious occasion award and reward, citation and memento are also presented to the winner in the sports event, cultural dance competitions, folk-lore competition etc. which give lots of commitment to the participants to do better in the coming festival. Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Special Guest, Special Invitees, and dignitaries (from the State Government) were also invited to grace the occasion and to enhance the Cultural, Traditional and Food festival.